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Take Your Creative Powers to the Max with IMPACT!

F+W, A Content and eCommerce Company, has been the foremost publisher of books on popular hobbies for nearly 100 years. IMPACT Books and media extend that reach into the exciting world of manga, fantasy and popular art instruction, giving you what you need to have fun creating the dynamic styles that you love! IMPACT was initiated in 2004 to build on the strengths of F+W’s North Light Books, imprint for the world’s leading art instruction, and the KP Books, publisher of Comics Buyer’s Guide, with the following goals:

IMPACT makes great manga and comics, fantasy and popular art creation easy for beginning and intermediate artists!

IMPACT offers quality products by top instructors and creators, providing action, color and step-by-step teaching!

IMPACT will offer a variety of topics: manga, fantasy, superheroes, creatures, action, photographic reference, caricature, anime and other hot trends!

If you’re interested in being an IMPACT author, have an idea for a project or book on manga or fantasy art instruction or on anything else that you’d like to see or would like to make any other suggestions, I’d like to hear from you!

Click here to download our submission guidelines.